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Gillette is a well-established company that has provided men with a clean shave for many years. They manufacture quality razors, shaving gels, deodorants, and body washes. In other words, a man can get a good deal on anything he needs with the right gillette coupons. Gillette have come up with the ProGlider and proseries for the most comfortable and clean shave.

A good way to spend some gillette coupons is for their newest innovation - the ProGlider. In order for a shave to be comfortable the face needs to be warmed up. That's what barbers do as well. A man can get that warm feeling by using the The Gillette® Fusion® ProSeries™ Thermal Face Scrub. It is gentle on the face. The reason why warming up the face is so important, is because the facial hair gets softened up, and becomes easier to remove. The Thermal Face Scrub also removes all impurities from the face, and makes it possible for the razor to easily slide.

For men with sensitive skin the thermal option might not be the best choice. The Gillette® Fusion® ProSeries™ Sensitive Face Wash is a good way to soften up facial hair and prepare the face for a clean shave. This face wash cleans impurities, and is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis.

The Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ Power Razor is a good product to purchase with a coupon. It is the most innovative Gillette razor. What's new in the razor is the low-resistance coating Gillette have created, thus creating the sensation of gliding smoothly instead of shaving. After shaving, the skin becomes very sensitive, and it's easy to get irritated. Gillette® Fusion® ProSeries™ Intense Cooling Lotion is a good solution for avoiding that.

The lotion provides an instant cool feeling throughout the shaved area. It also hydrates the skin, and locks moisture in, so that the feeling of comfort lasts the entire day.

Another way to finish a shave is with the Gillette® Fusion® ProSeries™ Instant Hydration UV Moisturizer + SPF15. This lotion hydrates and conditions the skin after a shave. It also protects the skin from the sun with SPF15. The ProSeries™ are Gillettes newest products that can be purchased with coupons. They make the unpleasant task of shaving seem effortless and quick.

Finding gillette coupons will guarantee that a man gets a clean and comfortable shave. There are five new products in the ProSeries line - a razor that glides, a thermal face scrub, a sensitive face wash, an intense cooling lotion, and an instant hydration UV moisturizer. Used together, they guarantee a quick and painless shave, and a freshness that lasts the entire day. Gillette also provide a variety of other shaving products that can be purchased with coupons, including deodorant and body wash.

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